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Builders Club Visit

Kiwanis Club of Woburn recently hosted, from the Kennedy and Joyce Middle Schools, the Builders Club. This organization was formed many years ago to introduce young, middle school students to the Kiwanis organization and have them participate in some small way to give back to those less fortunate. The students and advisors enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs, french-fries rounded off with ice creams for dessert. They then introduced themselves and gave a short update on the various activities that took place during the school year within each school. Naturally, we hope to see these students join the Key Club in high school and perhaps become future Kiwanis members.

Top (left to right): Kelly Pappagianopoulos (advisor), Kelly Power (advisor), Lucy Rondeau, Amyah Vanover-Berdet, Alexis McDonough, Samantha Juarez, Zoe Shamashkin, Arianna Crowell, Zoe Clasby, Haram Arias, Chris Morgan, Caroline Johnson, Laurie Gellman (advisor), Michelle Harris (advisor).
Bottom (left to right): Joie Vangelist, Aria DeLeon, Nora Courtney, Lily Bortlik, Chloe D’Agostino, Mohammed Abdi, Karen Claflin (advisor).
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